The Via Regia was one of the most significant trade routes in medieval Europe. The High Road, as some sections were called, linked countries ind the West and in the East of Europe. Through regions and centuries, the Via Regia ran like a river whose eternal flow crossed borders and overcame obstacles. It can therefore serve as a symbol today when once again encounters and exchanges between peoples and cultures should take centre stage in Europe. Blossoming cities, monasteries and castles in booming regions which developed along this road bear witness to the once dynamic influence of the Via Regia. Between 1945 and 1989, the Iron Curtain interrupted free trade and development on this ancient European highway with a 1000-year history. If nowadays people contemplate the traces of the past and recall their significance, the Via Regia can once again become a lifeline for Europe. Knowing about this road and its importance will help to build bridges and motivate people on and near it to seek contact with others – and thus to participate in shaping Europe.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Via Regia Sculptura

 Netzwerk "VIA REGIA-
 Kulturstraße des Europarates"